Modifications – large Aircraft

Certification – Large Aircraft
Cabin Layout (LOPA) Changes
Emergency equipment changes
Seat installations
Lavatory Installations
Galley Installations
Crew rest installations
Stretcher installation
Medical leg-rest installations
Cargo loading equipment protection panel
Cabin modifications
Iberia A340 (Lights, cable routing for new
positioned and modified stowage LED)

Modifications – Minor Mods

Certification Minor Mods
Dress cover changes
Curtain changes
Carpet and NTF changes
Seat belt colour changes
Galley equipment changes
Magazine rack installation
Soap dispenser installation
Partitions installation for KLM
PAX door insulation blanket installations

Modifications – External markings

Certification – External Markings

Cabin Components Such As:

Table and cup holders
Video Shrouds
With optimized design and interfaces
To save weight
To reduce probability and rate of damages

Components Such As:

External Markings, placards
and decals
External marketing decals
Internal marketing decals
Owner data plates
Various seat parts acc. Customer requirement

Modifications – Certifications IFE

Design Engineering, Certification and Installation Support IFE – Inflight entertainment installation IFE Removal Electrical Change USB Power installation ISPSS Power installation (In seat power supply system)KID System Astronics EFPMS Installation (Self illumination – Emergency floor path marking system) LHT Noise reduced head – set installation CAM & FAP changes / modifications ELA – Electrical load analysis services Programming of ELT